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Squid Thoughts

I have managed depression and anxiety my whole life. And these last two years have certainly tested my resolve.(I don’t do long rants or post frequently but bear with me, I promise I have a point)I’m a big proponent of self-reflection. I think it’s important to be critical and real with oneself in order

Why can't advertising wine be fun? That’s the question FitVine asked itself when looking to take on 2020. The wine category has largely stuck to the same marketing playbook: use sweeping shots of vineyards, white men looking longingly into wine glasses, and rich/sultry voices narrating stories of heritage, legacy and Wine Spectator points. FitVine is

Advertising and marketing agencies largely say the same thing. Some variation of “we’re a full-service, integrated agency that builds relationships by leveraging the power to solve blah blah blah.” Big, small, traditional, and digital, some variation of that phrase will make its way onto your desk. Now you’re in charge of finding an agency