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So why do
you think you're here?

Maybe someone told you that you should check us out. Maybe you were trying to find calamari near you, and you clicked on the search result. Maybe you're wondering who in the hell would name their agency after a cephalopod. Or maybe you're a relative trying to figure out what we actually do. (Hi, Mom.)

What we do

We inspire innovative business opportunities for our clients by creating smart communications. We go below the surface, submersing ourselves in our clients' businesses with stealth instead of splash.

Our People

No hierarchy. All collaboration. We are a team of strategists with specific disciplines. Everyone contributes and everyone has a voice (including our clients). Our brand planning and development sets the forward course as each independent arm works with the other individually responsible arms. Our expertise is expansive. Our depth of knowledge is unfathomable.

Clients who trust
our process