Connected and educated business and organizaiton leaders on the benefits of community solar gardens to save both money and the environment. 

ReneSola MN helps businesses and organizations save the environment and on their enegry bills without the need to invest in costly equipment. ReneSola builds these community solar gardens and sells subscriptions to high-energy usage businesses with savings guaranteed. 


Our job was to create a campaign that stuck out from the category, educated new audiences, and drove potential subscribers to ReneSola MN for more information. 

Situational Analysis

ReneSola MN provides community solar garden options to businesses and organizations through subscription services by assuming all the building risks and guaranteeing savings. 

Key Issues

Although guaranteed savings is a pretty big selling point audiences weren't familiar with community solar and how it was any different than other options out there. 


Use the sun as an employee every business/organization could use and educate people on the advantages of community solar over costly builds. 

Brand and Creative: Evolve brand messaging to target just businesses and organizations but in an engaging way.

Website: Designed and built mobile first, the site is meant to educate the audience on community solar, why ReneSola, and have an interactive touch point at every question. 

Digital Ads: Designed and targeted leadership responsible for budgeting to educate on the savings ReneSola provides.

Direct Mail: Custom direct mail pieces went out to specific industries ReneSola was trying to reach, making the messaging and situations more impactful. 


The campaign is currently running. Check back for more details later.

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Employ the sun – office 2
Employ the sun – Library

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