Rebranded, repositioned, and increased awareness driving 46% increase in trade show attendees. 

To stay relevant, The Plumb Club repositioned and rebranded to align with a newer generation of buyers and consumers. Agency Squid led all strategy, planning, and design to bring this new brand to life, increasing trade show attendance and website usage by double digits.

Situational Analysis:

Among its members, The Plumb Club is responsible for 80%+ of diamond sales in the country. But to stay relevant, in an evolving market, The Plumb Club engaged us to reposition and rebrand it, and then apply that work to marketing strategies that would be most impactful.

Key Issues: 

Although The Plumb Club’s members are some of the largest diamond and jewelry companies in the world, the association itself was struggling to adapt to modern buying behavior and trends. Creating an experience that helped both existing membership and potential buyers was necessary to stop the year-over-year decline it was seeing.

Our Solution:

Our strategy work defined the direction for a new brand and where it should live. By identifying multiple audience segments, we were able to tailor messaging and marketing needs to better communicate with target audiences.

Rebrand: We updated the messaging, positioning, and visuals to represent an association that has represented the luxury industry for 25+ years, but in a way that could adapt to in-person, print, and digital channels. The messaging was crafted to increase membership in the organization and express the value those members bring to jewelry buyers.

Marketing Strategy: Our strategy work uncovered three core concepts that dictated all creative for the brand: Educate. Innovate. Connect. These three pillars were used in the concept and development of all creative assets going forward.

Website: We designed a responsive website that could be used as a tool for buyers and that highlighted existing member qualities. This site put the power in members’ hands by providing a “microsite” experience for each member to highlight their offerings in a user-friendly way.

Tradeshows: The new three pillars concept was applied to a new pavilion at their largest tradeshow: JCK Las Vegas.


Within the year of being produced, The Plumb Club saw an increase of 46% in their trade show attendees, leading to more purchase orders and sales among their membership base. Membership also increased given the new value The Plumb Club was able to provide. Since the launch of the website, the average user views 2.42 pages per session, stays on the site for nearly 2 minutes, and over 30% convert to either viewing a member profile or connecting with a member through the website.

Plumb Club Site 1
Plumb Club Site 2
Plumb Club Site 3
Plumb Club Site Mobile

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