Monaco Department of Finance and Economics

Brand building and philanthropic efforts

The Principality of Monaco launched a campaign to promote tourism to the principality specific to high net worth individuals with the goal to support the philanthropic efforts of Prince Albert II.

Situational Analysis

The Monaco Department of Finance and Economics looked to support Prince Albert II’s philanthropic interests by bringing new tourism to the principality by targeting high net worth individuals.

Key Issues

Reaching individuals of a certain status makes communication difficult. Those individuals also look to support their communities first before supporting outside causes.


Work alongside the Monaco Department of Finance and Economics to align global philanthropic efforts and interests of high net worth individuals with the Principality of Monaco the center for research and support. With a story crafted that supports not only Monaco but the entire world we created a campaign to showcase the work being completed.

Private Label: Create an exclusive club for the target audience that provides access to events, resources, and other amenities to drive early adoption of high net worth individuals.

Custom Publications: Communicated the stories of individuals making a difference within the high net worth community from their businesses to outside philanthropic efforts. The custom publication was circulated to 1,200 members at the very first summit helping drive awareness of over-arching efforts by Prince Albert II’s foundation and how the Principality of Monaco supports the world at large.


Engagement among the high net worth individuals was so high the need to expand the campaign beyond initial trial was a must. The second phase is currently in production.

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