Heritage Hotels

Rebranding and Editorial

When the British hotel and restaurant company, Forte Group PLC, purchased the 48 properties of Heritage Hotels, they knew that the chain did not have a cohesive brand or marketing plan, but realized great potential if they evolved these properties into a luxury experience option for the sophisticated traveler.

Situational Analysis:

Data shows that a luxury traveler’s vacation is at least seven days long, and of those, three are spent at exclusive properties such as Leading Hotels of the World or Relais & Châteaux. The other days, the traveler is looking for unique properties  offering comfort, history, culture and a good story.  The Forte Group wanted the Heritage Hotel  Collection to fill that need.

Key Issues:

Although all the properties are unique and all are located in the United Kingdom, there was nothing uniting them so that a cohesive sales and marketing plan could be put into effect.


We began by creating a unified brand expression for the collection. The strategy was to celebrate the uniqueness of each property while building a chain which could be marketed as a luxury option to all levels of the travel industry – travel agents, airlines, individuals. This strategy also helped the Forte Group manage expenses by standardizing many aspects of the properties from bed and bath linens to marketing materials.


Before the rebranding and repositioning, each property had been averaging around 65-69% occupancy. After a year, the occupancy rate increased across the chain to 84% with an increase in Average Daily Rate of 3.5%.

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