French Government Tourism Office

Tourism Campaign

The French Government Tourist Office wanted to deepen its relationship with American Francophiles, expanded exposure to a general travel audience and inspire people to explore beyond Paris into other regions of the country.

Situational Analysis

Although France is the world’s leading tourist destination for Americans, research indicated that interest was declining. It also revealed that the traveling public was fearful of the unknown and repeatedly was drawn to the familiar when they did traveling abroad.

Key Issues

Although the French were perceived as haughty and unapproachable, Americans repeatedly traveled to Paris but were hesitant to explore other regions and that fear needed to be dispelled.


Partnering with each Regional Tourism Office, a complex marketing and communication system of advertising, magazines, brochures and loyalty programs was created and executed for both the traveling public and industry professionals.


In 2012, the number of American tourists who visited France was the greatest in history. Their average stay increased by 10 days and their spending added an estimated 33.4 billion euros to the French economy.

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