Connected the international Cargill community to share stories, elevate success, and shisft perception of the parent brand. 

Cargill wanted to expand its footprint and maintain service quality with their international workforce. This internal brand campaign celebrated employees around the world in all business units.

Situational Analysis:

In 2005, the leadership team had made a decision to double Cargill by 2020. This privately held company was not only in every corner of the world but in many aspects of the food supply chain. The leaders felt that the majority of the employees were engaged and they wanted to maintain their loyalty while asking them to work even harder to accomplish this corporate goal.

Key Issues:

Cargill has 150,00 employees in 70 countries. The first issue was how to define a representation of the company’s employees while gathering the data necessary to evaluate the current employee state as well as create an employee brand and engagement strategy that achieves the corporate goal. Secondly, was how to respectfully engage and communicate across cultures and languages.


To be efficient, a decision was made to circle the globe in 42 days with a team of videographers, a still photographer and the brand team. A cross section of representative companies was determined to visit as well as all levels on the employee hierarchy were represented. After the data, videos and photography was gathered, a employee brand strategy, theme and execution plan with some of the initiatives being:

• talent brand identity and standards

• a launch book distributed to employees printed in English with a 20 language translations insert

• A video in 13 languages

• an intranet employee portal specifically designed for the brand with the intention of creating an employee dialogue opportunity while making HR engagement easy and engaging

• internal communications mechanism including a printed and digital employee magazine

• creation of recognition program specific for the brand and featuring employees exemplifying the brand as part of the rewards system

• internal ambassador program


The launch was great success with employees from around the world using the portal to share stories and nominate colleagues for recognition. The recession of 2007 forced the company objectives to shift.


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