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We believe you have landed on this site because you have a vested interest in the beverage space. Maybe you’re looking for an experienced partner to (a) build your business (b) make your life easier (c) help you get your next promotion (d) accomplish all the above.


So, let’s do this!



Agency Squid & True Media

You would be hard-pressed to find a super-team of marketing strategists, creative geniuses and media data geeks with as much experience in beverage marketing than us.

Our team experience is expansive. From managing mike’s hard lemonade marketing portfolio and defining the “healthy-for-you” hard seltzer category by helping launch White Claw Hard Seltzer to positioning and creating a new active lifestyle, better-for-you wine category with FitVine Wines. Add to our experience the launch of India’s second hard seltzer as well as building numerous entrepreneurial microbrew beer, spirits and seltzer businesses.

We know what it takes to connect brands to believers. We know how to strategize, create, execute, test, learn, measure and optimize at every turn, tactic, and touch point. We use this power to connect consumers to brands and drive sales.

White Claw Hard Seltzer

The category leader in the hard seltzer space, with over 55% market share, launched at a time when the category itself didn't exist. See how we brought it to life and continue to support its explosive growth.

fitvine wine

Building the better-for-you category in wine, FitVine has seen 60% growth in the last year while the category remained flat. The brand continues its momentum, even with new entrants coming to market.


From 2% market share in a category dominated by Gatorade, BODYARMOR saw 300% growth, catching the attention of The Coca-Cola Company.

We keep our approach simple. First, we ask questions to gain a deep understanding of business goals and objectives. Then we pause and LISTEN. Once we have become acutely knowledgeable, we build and execute the brand creative and cross-channel media strategies with tactics to engage the target audience(s) so established goals are accomplished. At the same time, we define metrics to ensure accountability. Here’s how we’ve done this for other brands.

brands we've built

(shameless validation of businesses we help.)
White Claw Hard Seltzer an Agency Squid Client
FitVine Wine an Agency Squid Client
Sliq Spirited Ice an Agency Squid Client
Oskar Blues Brewery an Agency Squid Client
Clarity Hard Sparkling Water an Agency Squid Client
white claw hard seltzer brand launch white claw hard seltzer brand launch

white claw
hard seltzer


Four years ago, the spiked sparkling seltzer category didn’t really exist. The parent brand, Mark Anthony Brands, better known as mike’s hard lemonade, had ideas of taking this category to the masses by providing a product – White Claw Hard Seltzer – that truly innovated and launched a new spiked sparkling seltzer category while expanding its existing product portfolio. White Claw was created for health-conscious consumers with an active lifestyle who were looking for a flavored alternative to light beer. It was our job define the category and to bring White Claw to market based on two directives:

1. Capitalize on the fitness trend and align health-conscious consumers with brand attributes through a gender-neutral product to launch a new adult beverage category.
2. Build brand awareness using social media, digital channels, earned media, events, and retail outlet point of sale.

We also defined which consumer would become an early adopter; want to become educated on the product and move from consideration to purchasing the product. Channel specificity was important to keep the communication simple while providing consistency across touch points where a consumer would interact with the product.

the results

Retail adoption

Crafted messaging and positioning to secure national chain authorizations for White Claw in the first 3 months of launch.

Continued growth

300%+ growth YOY by being the first to position itself as the first "better for you" option in a non-existent category.

Consumer awareness

Digital-first experiences helped White Claw carve out market share early and reach consumer effectively.

#1 hard seltzer

Over 50% market share of the hard seltzer category representing nearly 10% of beer sales and now expanding into international markets.

Brand Evolution

Unless you've been living under a rock you know White Claw Hard Seltzer.

With a successful product launch, the blogs created organic search engine rankings that held the top result spots on Google, deriving the product from mythical waves of three.

The website drove engagement higher than the mike’s portfolio with the lowest bounce rates, the highest time on site metrics, and most consumer engagement, shattering brand benchmarks.

Retail authorizations continue to roll in making the launch a national product rollout, with product making it to floor displays with high trial rates.

White Claw Hard Seltzer was introduced as a product targeting a younger, health conscious consumer who still “lets loose.” Michelob Ultra is really the only drink with national visibility attempting to corner this consumer.

White Claw Hard Seltzer needed to find a quick, affective and economical way to connect with this consumers and create a social community. Since the successful launch, we continue to support White Claw. We have supported the launch of new flavors and products, defined brand strategy by taking ownership of black and white and its application to creative, while helping other Mark Anthony Brands initiatives that maintain them as the leader in the hard seltzer category.

Want to see more work?

You can find more of our continued work growing the brand at the link.

fitvine wine fitvine wine

the fastest growing wine brand in the country


FitVine Wine is the fastest growing wine brand in the country and its sights are set on becoming one of the top ten selling wine brands. With a focus on delivering wines that have less sugar, fewer calories and carbs, and no flavor additives, FitVine Wine is evolving a traditional category that has been relatively static by creating a healthy-for-you wine. Having started as a direct-to-consumer online business, the venture capital team who invested in the brand and the founders asked us to grow the business and to establish the brand in retail locations to reach an untapped in-store consumer.

the results

Retail Authorization

Helped position the brand to gain national chain authorizaztion in the top 5 largest retail accounts in the country during 2020.

Path to purchase effectively

Brand ACV increased by 20 points through the pandemic as a healthy media mix effectivelly drove hundreds of thousands of exposed consumers to retail locations across the country.

Brand Lift

Media and creative accounted for a 15% increase in brand awareness, 8% increase in brand recall, with significant increases in purchase and recommendation intent against the category.

#1 better for you wine

Not only the category leader within wine, but created the category for competitors to follow suit.

Brand Evolution

We don’t need to tell you that 2020 was tough on brands. The pandemic and its impact on the U.S. economy created uncertainty everywhere. Purchase behavior within the three-tier system and consumers shifted drastically, which impacted the approach FitVine originally planned for. FitVine originally started as a direct-to-consumer business but 90% of its recent business was retail channels.

That being said the ability to support both while maneuvering around government restrictions day-by-day played to the benefit of our digital-first approach. As consumer behavior shifted, we adapted and reached the necessary touch points to be there for consumers as they navigated unchartered waters.

Once legacy brands caught their footing the category saw a surge in marketing support as brands doubled down on new consumption behaviors. In Q4, FitVine was outspent 10:1 as brands tried to make up losses on the year.

Want to see more work?

You can find more of our continued work growing the brand at the link.

BodyArmor BodyArmor

Growth so strong the coca-cola company bought them


BODYARMOR was a new entrant into a well-defined CPG category: sports energy drinks. With a product containing less than half the sugar in Gatorade, but only 2% of overall category market share, BODYARMOR was looking to disrupt the paradigm. The brand had secured endorsements across all major sports leagues, as well as a significant involvement from investor Kobe Bryant, but in order to increase market share and sales, they needed to increase awareness of their new brand with the right customers.

the results

Tripled Market Share

A mixture of edgy creative and an in-depth, digtial first, micro targeting strategy saw the brand produce strong ad recall within four of the five target audience segments.

Media Effecitveness

Mirco targeting defined specific regions, segments, and messaging needs in different parts of the country to better reach consumers and their interests.

Brand Affinity

Across four key segments BODYARMOR saw double digit brand lift and millions of dollars in attributable sales.

6% category market share

With sales at nearly a 300% year over year increase it was a no-brainer for Coca-Cola to snatch up the brand to compete against Gatorade.

Brand Evolution

The growth BODYARMOR experienced was unprecedented. It took on the complacency of a legacy brand and addressed what mattered most to consumers. The micotargeting strategy addressed mid-funnel needs that brands often under address. And the success of that outreach saw the brand take significant strides to being a house hold name.

By getting the attention of the Coca-Cola Company, BODYARMOR was able to take the success they saw and continue to scale, bringing an engaged consumer base along with them.

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Let’s do this.