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There are street
smarts. And there are sea smarts.

We're a hybrid mix of business consultants and creative developers who make the lives of our clients easier. Our baby-boomer sensibilities live alongside millennial insights. It's a fortuitous blend of cross-generational experience that reaches audiences and changes industries. Viewed through that prism, we've learned that invention isn't just the product of writers and designers: it's a collaboration of determined, strategic thinkers and doers.

Our approach

The Squid squad moves with powerful strokes. It’s our ambidexterity that allows us to strike quickly and decisively – to solve complex business problems and make our clients look really good.


It’s technology next to an accomplished artist. An award-winning writer. An all-seeing strategist. An experiential brand manager. A cutting-edge digital wizard. All rolled into one. We require everyone around the table to be creative – including our clients. Our tentacles become far-reaching with the experience around the table. From insights, data, and research to elegant, compelling experiences. It’s a mixture of business savvy and creative vision. And we do it all together.

Strategy and planning

Brand planning and development | Competitive analysis | Brand management consulting | Business consulting.

Traditional Communications

Branding and identity design | Visual design | Copy development | Print, radio, photography, and video services | Campaign development.

Digital Communications

UI/UX | Web/mobile applications | Web design and development | Digital media production | Full integrated campaign development.