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Red Ace Organics


Red Ace Organics is a functional powder and beverage company that harnesses the nitric oxide potent of beets to deliver healthful nutrients and natural energy as an alternative to caffein.  The brand launched by selling 2-ounce shots of organic beet supplements to retailers like Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmer’s Markets. Competing against the largest functional beverage players in the world, Red Ace sets out to deliver the performance, health, and nutritional benefits of the superfood without the synthetic nonsense of their competitors. Just clean, healthy energy.

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“Our nutritionist told me to try Red Ace Beet Performance, and I immediately saw a difference in my recovery and overall performance. I recommend taking Red Ace daily,” four-time World Championship medalist Jacob Pebley said.



Red Ace was looking to expand its product line as well as make the brand more approachable for the everyday health conscious consumer. The goal was to take the existing framework of their functional beverage and turn it into a line of sparkling waters that address specific needs (ex. hydration, sleep, energy). As the authentically healthier alternative to other mass market functional beverages, Red Ace needed to differentiate the product from the competition as well as support their existing line without cannibalizing it. We also needed to provide retailers a reason to purchase and make shelf space for the product line as well as educate consumers on the benefits versus other competitors.


The functional beverage space is crowded and educating consumers in a short amount of time can be difficult. Red Ace is competing with large, established brands with an established brand presence and who have been in the sparkling water space far longer.


Given our experience in the better for your category, Agency Squid knows simplicity and repetition is key to educating this audience quickly. We wanted to elevate the brand Red Ace equity to help communicate the benefits of beets, while establishing the new line extension with all the beneficial properties within the sparkling water offering.

Brand and Creative: Clean and minimalist with strong pops of color was used to reinforce the simplicity of the product while elevating the line extension’s ownable brand attributes. A sub brand, Red Ace Be, was created to connect the product with specific need drinking occasions.

Packaging: We developed a system around “Be” to help clearly communicate the active attributes of each drink. “Be Hydrated” to “Be Energized” helped quickly communicate what the product was used for, while iconography called out the flavor profiles of each. Color and graphics were used to indicate the product flavor and attributes which change when refrigerated and helped provide rationale to retailers as to why it should take both cooler AND shelf space.

Sales Materials: A set of materials was developed to help the Red Ace team educate retailers and potential partners on why the product was different – and better – than products offered by larger players in the space.



The product is set to launch in 2021 with national retailers like Whole Foods ready to take the functional beverage in.


If you read this whole case study you might just be managing a brand looking to be the next thing. Maybe even creating your own category. Either way we’d love to talk so it’s probably in your best interest to just get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.