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Majestic Steel USA


Majestic Steel USA is one of the country’s top 25 steel suppliers with aggressive sights on breaking into the top 10 suppliers in the USA in the near future. Buying large quantities and holding inventory from highly scrutinized, reputable suppliers, Majestic Steel takes on market risks their competitors don’t by providing immediate shipment. Innovation is in the brand’s DNA, so to keep growing they believe they need to focus on strategic digital efforts to generate inbound leads, using their website as an effective sales tool for their sales team.

  • Branding 
  • Web UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Video production
  • Marketing support

Whether it’s someone who wants to see real-time market data, read fact-based research, make steel product inquiries, or join one of our teams, we’re proud to call this site the new face of Majestic.” – Kate M, Majestic Steel CMO



Majestic Steel is one of the country’s top 25 steel suppliers in the country, acting as a facilitator between mills and clients across the country. The brand has grown exponentially by investing in technology that better suits the modern steel buyer by always having steel to deliver at a moment’s notice while informing them of current marketplace risks and opportunities Their unique value proposition is that Majestic Steel because of their innovation and flexibility, they can deliver steel to their customers in a myriad of ways other steel suppliers simply can’t.


The top 10 steel suppliers in the USA represent the majority of the steel sales nationally and internationally. In a category that doesn’t see big strides in innovation, educating traditional buyers on how to use new tools is a real challenge. Supporting the sales team on offering innovative new products, services is a difficult task when the industry buyers are conservatively set in their ways. Majestic Steel must find ways to break through the marketplace clutter quickly and differentiate itself from their staid competitors while finding receptive adopters for their innovation story.


Working alongside the executive team at Majestic Steel, Agency Squid evolved the existing brand to make capitalize on its messaging and visuals to tell the true innovation story what makes the brand different to the steel community. We shifted visuals and messaging away from predictable placements and focused on application of those materials to help buyers envision product innovation in their specific industries and their individual needs.

Developing a new brand platform, we focused on messaging and visuals in a new website experience where sales and marketing could collaborate in promoting the offerings Majestic Steel USA.

Website: We restructured the navigation, evolved the page content, and made it easy for a buyer to submit an inquiry or purchase online during any part of the procurement process. The marketing team also can create individualized landing pages for lead generation campaigns to help attract unfamiliar buyers with Majestic Steel’s offerings.

“Majestic Steel nominated for 4 awards at the 2021 Awards for Steel Excellence, including Best Operational Improvements and Best Innovation.”



In the 4 months after the website launched, Majestic Steel had done nearly $1MM in revenue solely from website lead generation. Organic SEO has accounted for a 30% increase in site traffic with an average time on-page of around 1:30 minutes.  And bounce rate has been reduced by 30%. The site continues to drive incremental revenue for Majestic Steel as they set their sights on being one of the nation’s top 10 steel suppliers.


If you read this whole case study you might just be managing a brand looking to be the next thing. Maybe even creating your own category. Either way we’d love to talk so it’s probably in your best interest to just get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.