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Live Your Fit – FitVine National Campaign

Why can't advertising wine be fun?

That’s the question FitVine asked itself when looking to take on 2020. The wine category has largely stuck to the same marketing playbook: use sweeping shots of vineyards, white men looking longingly into wine glasses, and rich/sultry voices narrating stories of heritage, legacy and Wine Spectator points. FitVine is different. FitVine wants to make wine more approachable and relatable. At the end of the day, wine has been bringing all kinds of people together for centuries. Why not fill that void and be an inclusive wine brand rather than one that is haughty and exclusive. FitVine uses this position to focus on consumers first, and for their marketing and advertising, to ultimately lead to lots of varying creative outputs.

Enter Agency Squid. This is how we started.

Fitvine spot

Vinny the

Winemakers largely use the same visuals, cadence, and messaging to tell the story of what makes their wine special: baskets of grapes, stacks of dusty barrels, close-ups of swirling wine in a glass. We thought differently for this FitVine ad. We leaned into some of those standard visuals a consumer would see in most wine ads: stacks of barrels, lots of sniffing, swirling, and inspecting a glass of wine. So be prepared for another boring, predictable, wine industry ad. Or is it?

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FitVine Spot

Sugar is a
4 letter word

Winemakers across the globe uses various ingredients to “elevate” their wines. From added sulfites to purple dyes, many brands take the “easy road” to squeeze more flavor from  their grapes. The biggest offender is the sugar that’s often used when cutting corners to make a flavorful wine. Made with a fraction of the sugar of comparable wines, FitVine shines a light on this industry tradition by making sugar the newest 4-letter word.

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Billboards and digital placements with ridiculous facts and observations

High-impact static and dynamic billboards were installed in key markets to reinforce brand awareness across the country. Traditional billboards were designed to connect FitVine with daily lives, from hitting the gym to grocery shopping or just relaxing. Digital placements were designed using set creative lockups and dynamic copy to reach micro-targeted audiences.

Headlines were written for targeted audiences FitVine caters to such as those concerned about paleo, keto, and gluten-free diets while other headlines were written to appeal to a broader audience.

Headlines were written specifically for audiences concerned with paleo, keto, and gluten free diets to address dietary restrictions FitVine caters to, with others being more broad reaching and approachable. 

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Partnerships and sponsorships reach well beyond existing audiences

FitVine has an incredibly loyal base and high repeat purchase probability once converted. But to grow the brand, calculated risks needed to be taken. Partnerships with health and wellness experts like Jillian Michaels continued to reach its large core audience, which may include wine drinkers, while comedians like Bert Kreischer or MMA fighter Sean O’Malley reach an audience typically not targeted in the wine category. Even Fitvine’s partnerships with Major League Baseball teams cast awareness and conversion to a sporting wine drinker often not spoken to. Both approaches significantly helped generate publisher interests with sites like PopSugar writing about their positive FitVine experience. 

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Where audience micro-targeting really shines

A mix of FitVine’s first-party, direct-to-consumer, and third-party audience data helped create a comprehensive picture of who current wine consumers actually are and what they’re looking for. A combination of video and static assets reaches consumers at key times in the day with specific messaging customized to their interests.

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influencers help fitvine get through quarantine

As people are confined inside (and continue to drink) FitVine focuses on content to help its audience cope with confinement. Live classes range from bodyweight/wine bottle workouts, to cooking with what’s left in the refrigerator, all meant to keep consumers engaged and entertained. Monthly wrap-ups are sent out via email and posted to the FitVine blog to keep inspiring consumers.

Simple and impactful retail tools help drive new retail placements and new consumer purchases

FitVine kept the visuals consistent from initial awareness to point of purchase. The tools created carried a stronger sales message home by focusing on the things that make FitVine wines unique, leading to a direct increase in initial purchases.

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Brand Assets in Market

Wrapping up.

The wine-drinking audience is wide reaching. The need to create a system where aesthetics are constant but messaging is specific continues to drive awareness, trial, and repeat purchase of FitVine. Although the campaign has only been live for 3 months, it has helped brand performance tremendously. Today FitVine is the only wine brand listed as one of Nielsen’s Top 25 Fastest Growing Brands in the country.