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Agency Squid | A hybrid business consultancy/creative firm

Agency Squid celebrates the 5-year mark by wrapping our tentacles around a rebrand.

As Agency Squid sees it, quarantine was the perfect (and forced) excuse to pause and take time for self-reflection. After getting over the 5-year hump, Agency Squid was ready for a fresh new take on the who they are by designing for the sake of designing.

Founded by a father-son duo, they too are somewhat surprised they’ve lasted 5 years in business together. As an agency few have heard of, brands like White Claw Hard Seltzer, FitVine Wine, US Bank, the American Gem Trade Association, and Jel Sert have all trusted them to bring brands to life. As the agency has grown by bringing on designers, strategists, and other agency people types, the business consulting/creative shop was ready for its next challenge – to pull up from under the radar.

Squid’s new logo is meant to look a squid. A customized san-serif typeface was chosen to be squidy, with movement like a squid; tentacley, a bit odd, with putting ink in places it shouldn’t be. The updated monogram resembles a cephalopod, which a squid technically is, making it even more squid-like than ever before. “Since our name is Squid, we thought having something that resembled a squid was the right direction for us,” said co-founder Miles Marmo. “We made the squid different colors because we had never seen a squid in those colors before and we wanted to see that.”

“Typically, squids blend in, move swiftly and are undetected. It’s our responsibility to our clients to be exactly that and put them first. This rebrand was a discipline to treat us as our own client and to shift our perception in an overcrowded marketplace,” said Brent Marmo. “We need to practice what we preach and evolve. Be bold, take different approaches, and ultimately evolve like our business has.”

The new system’s tentacles have grabbed hold of the new website, sales materials, clothing, and more mismatched mugs that can be found left out at the agency.