Addy Awards: Spirits by Oskar Blues Online Campaign

Oskar Blues is one of the nation’s largest craft brewers with popular products like Dale’s Pale Ale. We launched their new spirits brand, Spirits by Oskar Blues or S.O.B. for short in the summer of 2017.

Our requirements were simple; reach new consumers looking for something different but maintain the equity Oskar Blues had established in their parent brand. In short, we were given 3 things to adhere to:

1. Keep it simple.

2. Make it funny.

3. It truly needs to feel authentic.

The first two are easy, but actually creating an authentic spot is something most brands strive for. So we enlisted several Oskar Blues employees and forced him to read a script so packed with marketing jargon and buzzwords it would be uncomfortable. In anticipation of their awkwardness we used their reactions as the truest form of S.O.B.’s brand expression.

Online Campaign: Video

The Results

These spots saw an average completion of 30+ seconds and a combined brand recall rate of 35%. The unconventional nature of a purposeful spots that needed to look low budget and convey authenticity did exactly that while Oskar Blues ran at full production capacity for S.O.B. during the summer.


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